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Choosing Long Term Disability Insurance

It is of great importance that every big investor seeks and acquires a long term disability insurance. The importance of having such an insurance come into play by allowing such an investor to concentrate more on investing and creating more wealth for himself. He is able to do so as the long term disability insurance will guarantee him long term protection from any form of accidents that might affect his business or occupation in future. The type of long term disability insurance offered tends to vary from one company to another. However, the most common type of this insurance that most companies tend to offer is the non-taxable monthly income. Generally this type of disability insurance is offered to clients up to the age of sixty five years with certain rules coming into play to clients with complete disability at the age of sixty and above.

Majority of companies tend to put their most of their employees in short term disability plans just in case of any eventuality. This short term disability plans have proven to be quite advantageous as they have provided a number of employees with the much needed financial assistance during in case disability came knocking. Upon the expiration of a short term insurance policy, the long term disability plan s steps in to ensure that one continues to receive his income benefits .These benefits can be received monthly, annually, quarterly and half- yearly.

A Survivors income benefit is received by the family of the deceased one month after the death of a loved one. It is equivalent to the deceased last month’s salary multiplied by a variable determined by the insurer. It can only be claimed under the condition that the deceased was disabled for at least twelve months before his death. The deceased should also be survived by a dependent like a full-time male student or an underage female spouse. It is wise for one to find out whether the insurer is capable of providing you with a type of insurance policy that meets your objective before deciding to invest in it..

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