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How Does My Loss Ratio Affect Business Insurance Premiums?

It is important to understand that loss ratio is the sum of losses incurred in claims and adjustment expenses divided by the total number of earned premium. The loss ratio in small business has a huge effect on workers compensation insurance premiums. In the recent times, this trend is changing such that the loss ratio is affecting the insurance premiums as well. It is important to familiarize yourself with important concepts for you to lower your business insurance premiums because the higher the loss ratio, the higher the premium rate.

As you know a loss is bad for your insurance premiums. The losses do not affect the premiums the same and again not all losses are surcharged but all in all, they have an effect on the premiums. For business clients, the loss ratio is actually a big part especially in the middle tier and large business. The same has an effect on small businesses workers compensation premium as stated earlier. The loss ratio, in this case, is determined by how much you are paying into a policy versus what the carrier pays out and benefits.

If your business that has constant losses and especially on the workers compensation premium and other small losses, that will definitely affect you. However, it can be mitigated through safety programs and putting non-slip mats and other necessary features that align with your business so as to avoid the constant losses. On the other hand, if you have many large losses such that the carriers have to pay out a lot of money over a long period of time, then you are bound to have huge issues with your worker's compensation premium to a point you are unable to pay the premiums.

A safe working environment is very critical and every policy carrier should have a program or documentation to make sure your working environment is safe to avoid having a loss ratio.


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