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Whether you are selling to businesses or consumers, Live Contact Lead's live transfer leads convert the best. This is the most cost effective live transfer leads solution out there. If you are a single agent, a broker or call center, our platform can accommodate your insurance live transfer leads needs. Live Contact Leads have the largest digital calling platform in the country with the ability to customize a campaign to your specific insurance live transfer leads needs. Live Contact Leads employs the best in the business. We have a family of insurance agents to bounce questions off of. We even have scripts for you. Health insurance leads, Medicare Supplement Leads and Annuity Leads have never been easier.

Live Contact Lead's Insurance Live Transfer Leads campaigns are customized, it's your campaign. You are not in any rotation for calls or have to sit there for hours to even see if you will get a call. You should start getting live transfer leads within minutes. Live Contact Leads can do leads for appointment setting or closing on the phone.


Imagine being able to make 5 appointments in less then 20 minutes or closing 2 deals in a half hour over the phone. Live Contact Lead's insurance live transfer leads can achieve your live tranfer leads generation goals and help you gain more business. We provide the best service with our accounts. We love residual customers. Live Contact Lead's business model is built around making our present live transfer leads customers happy and continual lead buyers. Whether you need health insurance leads, help in you life insurance lead generation or need any of the live transfere leads below, our live transfer lead generation process will get you solid, insurance live transfer leads prospects on the phone.

Below are the different types of insurance live transfer leads we provide.. If your insurance leads are listed, this may be the best offer, double your business in a month using our service. Live Contact Leads stands behind that.

LIVE CONTACT LEADS - Live Transfer Lead Generation - Insurance Live Transfer Leads

Call us now if your insurance leads are listed, this may be the best time. Live Contact Leads specializes in Live Transfer leads for the insurance industry.. You will see on the average, 25% of these calls going over 5 minutes. Reserve your location today!

Features of our Live Transfer Leads System

  • Web Based Dashboard -View your live transfer leads campaign while it is running. You will be able to start and stop it right through the internet. It could be set up to automatically start and stop when you want them. Adjust the fluctuation of incoming live transfer leads, coming faster or slower by setting the number of out going call center lines. View detailed log reports of the calls and run detailed reports.

  • Free Call Recording - You can listen and download the live transfer leads call recordings so you can do some quality assurance.

  • No Call Limitation - We can limit the number of live transfer leads calling in to one at a time. Let us know how many agents for the day and it is as easy as that. We can also live transfer to multiple phone numbers. Have a hunt group? We can send you 9 live transfer leads at a time to your 9 agents. If one agent gets off the phone, we try to get the free agent on a live transfer lead again.

  • Free Call Transfers - There are no other fees beside the live transfer leads pricing. No per minute charges added on top. We are a per transfer live lead company. We don't use the phrase, "Average transfer price". If you buy a 200 live transfer leads pack, you get a 200+ live transfer leads.

  • Proper Training Instructions - You will receive instructions on how to operate the live transfer leads dash board. It is simple to use.

  • No Set Up Fees - Whatever the package prices are, is what you pay. No hidden charges like our competitors.

  • Free Message and Out Going Script Development and Recording - You can pick from our stock of script greetings already recorded or have our creative department develop one for you at no charge. You can also choose to record it yourself.

  • Free DNC List Scrubbing - We can scrub the data against the national DNC as well as our internal DNC getting you more productive clients on the phone. You will be able to add your own DNC lists as well as block off states or area codes you don't want to dial.

  • Personalized Service - We are there to make sure these campaigns work. If anything needs to be changed, call or email us. It behooves us to make sure these live transfer leads campaigns work so that you will come back again. No churning and burning live transfer leads clients here.

  • Customized Campaigns- We are always open to new ideas. We learn so much from our clients because we have an open mind. You know your business better than we do but we know how to implement a live transfer leads campaign and make it extremely profitable for you. Let us know if you think you have a service that might work with ours, we will give it some thought and let you know if it would work.


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